tinkwings17_817 (war_machine_rox) wrote,

For a smile they can share a night

Icon Meme thing I stole from somewhere.

01. How do you feel right now?


02. What's your favourite pastime?

Singing, loudly and off key, and dancing by myself.

03. Do you consider yourself a strange person?

Basically yes. 

04. What's your main fandom?

People are allowed more than one, main fandom, okay?

05. OTP?

Snafu/Cigarette is my total OTP.  Shut up.

06. How do you describe yourself?

Basically my look all the time.  Not an idiot, just absent-minded.

07. What's your favourite icon to use that's not default?

08. Do you have an icon of your future husband/wife?

Oh Rami, marry me soon okay?

09. Do you have a WTF icon?

10. How do you feel towards love?
First I glare, then I drink.  Isn't that what love is?

11. Saddest icon?

Basically becase *spoilers for a fifty year old movie* he dies at the end.

12. Happiest icon?

Snafu smile.  A genuine smile, very rare.  Kitties are born.

13. Crackiest icon?

Zoolander > your life.

Thank you for your time.

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