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AFI Film Festival Dallas

AFI Film Festival in Dallas was really awesome.  Thursday and Friday were really good days, despite the storms. 
Went to the Hot Fuzz premiere and that movie was so hilarious!  Met Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and that was awesome. 
Blogged it onto my Myspace and it turned out really long and just decided to copy and paste here with my pictures of the event.
A very good 2 days indeed.

AFI Film Festival was so majorly awesome!  Thursday Casey came and picked me up at work, with her keen sense of directions she found the place (inside joke) and off we were to Dallas.  The traffic wasn't so bad, we were able to beat rush hour and after a couple of mishaps we were able to find AMC theater at the North something or other Mall...really fancy let me tell you.  It had a Tiffany's and a Barney's and it was spotless.  Kinda dull though, other than a few works of art the place had no flavor. fancy beyond belief but no flavor.  So we get there and we have no idea where we are going in the mall, after what felt like going in a circle we found AMC on the second floor and stood in line for Hot Fuzz and prepared to wait for two hours to maybe get tickets.  There was no guarantee.  Yeah so the guys start to let people in and they let about ten or so in at first and after that there were only five people in front of us.  They then come back with more tickets to give...when he gets to me and Casey, only one ticket left.  That was a heartbreaking feeling, being so close yet so far.  Though the guy did have a heart, he pulled out another ticket and told us not to get mad at him if there is no seat.  I could have kissed him! If I wasn't so drunk on relief then I might have.  Grinning like lunatics Casey and I ran up the escalators and got to the screen it was showing in.  It was crowded! We had to sit on the very front row.  We get there just as the introduction by Nick, Simon, and Edgar was over. I quickly snap a picture but they were moving so they looked like ghosts lol.  Anyway, we were right on the front row, practically kissing the screen and we had our necks practically at a ninety-degree angle.  Oh well it was totally worth it because the movie was really really good.  Funny, clever, and well-written.

After having a laugh for about two hours, there was a Q&A afterwards with Nick, Simon and Edgar.  the two main stars and the director.  I took pictures of that and I believe they looked over at me and Casey, which doesn't surprise me cuz my camera flash is bright and long.  I actually get picked on by Nick Frost because of it which is totally cool!
After the Q&A they stayed to sign autographs and get pictures.  It was an experience let me tell you.  I could barely stand all those people crowding around I don't get how the two stars could handle it but oh well.  Casey was able to get Simons autograph and picture before me and her picture is nice cuz Simon is all smiley and looking normal...mine he looks like a zombie, Casey was taking the picture and asked how it works when it goes off surprising him.  Everyone who saw it there said it was a great picture so I guess it works lol.
When we got to Nick Frost there wasn't so much people cuz we spent all our time trying to get Simon's but yeah.  Casey got hers first and that's when he made a comment about my camera flash. "How many flashes does a camera need" or something to that affect.  He laughed, people laughed, it was a riot.  Yeah so he's cool. He did a different pose for each picture he took and that's why he is like he is on mine.  I'm laughing so hard that i just look weird lol.  I don't care, Nick Frost made picked on me cuz of my camera...good times.

We looked for the director but he wasn't down where Nick and Simon were but up in the seats by the exit.  We went up there but a guy was telling him that they needed to go and he left and couldn't take anymore pictures or give out autographs.  Casey was upset.  We walked out of the theater and turns out we were walking in front of Edgar on the way out.  We were about to go down the escalator when Casey was like "This is the only reason why I really came here and I'm getting an autograph damnit!" So she turned around, walked up to him, tapped him on the shoulder and got her autograph and picture.  She is now a happy camper.  When we finally got back to the car, after having to walk around the whole mall outside, in the dark and wet, we battled heavy rain on the way back to here house.  After getting something to eat at Whataburger, we watched a movie, uploaded the pics onto her computer, and then went to bed.  A very good night.

The next day we went to WestEnd Village to the Magnolia, where we saw 3 other movies.  Let me tell you that place is really ritzy and glamourous and totally cool.  Our first movie didn't start till 7 something so we had like 3 hours to kill.  we went to the Borders down the street and wasted about an hour hanging out there.  We were at the comic books by the door when a couple guys came in and asked us if we wanted to see a movie for free at the Magnolia.  Figuring we still have a couple hours to kill, we took the tickets and went.  The movie was the Favor and it was pretty good. Casey and I gave it a three, only cuz it dragged in some parts.  Our next movie was Netherbeast Incorporated and it was hilarious.  Not as funny or good as Hot Fuzz, but really they were so different that they can't be compared.  I gave it a four for killing of a certain fave actor of mine and Casey gave it a five.  Yeah so Judd Nelson or Dave Foley were there which was a disappointment, but Steve from Blue's Clues, who starred in the movie was, and Jason Mewes, Jay of Jay and Silent Bob, was too.  He walked right by me which is pretty cool.  Got a couple pictures of that too. They weren't doing autographs or anything but that was okay, we had to go to our other movie Black Irish.  It was a good movie, good story and the acting was good too.  Had a lot of good actors in it that I like so yeah that's a plus.  I gave it a five cuz it didn't kill off another fave actor unlike some other movie.  lol

Going back to Casey's house wasn't so bad this time, the rain was light and stopped alltogether after we got out of Dallas.  We got whataburger again and got back to her house.  Put Nightwatch on, uploaded the new pics same as the first night.  Couldn't keep my eyes open so I couldn't finish Nightwatch but that's okay cuz I now own it and am actually watching it as I type  I like the imagery of this movie and the premise is promising, maybe I'll be able to finish it.  I'm exhausted though, and feeling icky.  Got some cute work clothes though and new cds so that's cool. All in all a very good 3 days.  
autograph of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

Me and Simon Pegg..everyone else thinks it's a great pic. I guess it's cuz he looks like a zombie lol

I like my friends pic better, at least he is smiling

Though my Nick Frost one is great...I look wierd cuz Im laughing so hard, he picked on me cuz of my camera flash, it really is freakishly long and blinding. so embarrassing

he posed differently for each picture he took, great guy

and my buddy Casey got her picture with the director, the one she was the most excited about seeing

and here's just a random Q&A pic out of like a lot

and here is a video I took of them...the picture sucks cuz it was so dark in there but the sound is pretty good and I got Simon telling a funny story about running around with the police

so everybody needs to see Hot Fuzz when it comes officially to theatres and go rent Shaun of the Dead just because it's so hilarious

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