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Oh my where to start.  This weekend, wow, I don't remember ever doing so much in one weekend.  Of course my memory sucks so there probably is a weekend like that but...

Let's start with Thursday night.  My friend, Casey, and I went to Dallas to see Night of the Living Dead 40th Anniversary premiere. In it's original 35mm format.  It was awesome!  I wish people showed/did more movies like that, it has a certain quality too it.  I can't explain what it is but it's there.

Of course the lady next to me decided that she had to do her own personal commentary during the movie.  I would have slapped her but she had been drinking and I was kind of scared of her haha.  Pissed off, but scared.

Romero and most of the cast was there.  Along with Malcolm McDowell and Robert Joy. Yay!

Okay, now for the rest of the weekend.  Making it under a cut because of pictures and a lot of writing haha!

So Friday, Frightmare doesn't start until 5.  So Casey and I hung out at her house until about 3:30, then left.  We get there, get our wrist bands, wait in line for a few, then we get in.  Wow, so much stuff in there it's not even funny.  
We walk around looking at all the booths.  Pretty nifty stuff those people had.  Necklaces made out of bottle caps, books, picture, posters, shirts with everything imaginable on them.
The first thing that I bought was a couple of shirts.  Firefly shirts of course.  One is says Browncoat, which I have wanted forever! and the other is Fruity Oaty Bars commercial one.  I got a lot of compliments on them.  Felt pretty special :D

Then we looked at the posters.  Was going to get a Heath Ledger Joker one, 
Vendor: Sorry saving that one for myself.
Me: Okay how much is this one? (Another Joker one)
Vender: $75
Me: o.O?
Vendor: You know why?
Me: Heath Ledger
Vendor: Yep
Me: Great way to exploit his death...

Anyway we walk off and explore some more.  Got in line for Malcolm McDowell.  Was so excited! 
We wait in line for a little while put on my Browncoat shirt over the one I was already wearing haha didn't match but knew I still looked awesome, the line was moving pretty fast.  Had to choose a picture for him to sign, didn't want a Clockwork Orange one because he freaked me out in that movie, didn't get a Star Trek Generations or whatever one because the only thing I remembered from that movie was Kirk dying, so I chose a Heroes one.

And his signature

And of course a picture of me and him :D

His arm is around me, yep...didn't put an arm around Casey or other people that I saw...yeah it's lame thinking but I feel speshal haha
He was upset when I got up there and didn't have a Texan accent.  He hadn't heard one so far when he was there and he was very disappointed haha.  
Me: Do a Texas accent, do a Texas accent!
Me: I can't, it's too much pressure! 
Me to him: I'm sorry...
Then he asked me my name, spelled it to make sure it was right then the picture...good times.

Next we walked by Romero's line, it was long so we waited a bit to go stand in line.  We passed Robert Joy's table and saw that no one was there, yippee.
Walk to his table. Exchange pleasantries, and had him sign Casey's Land of the Dead poster, then I had to choose a picture for him to sign.  Yeah no contest, I chose a Land of the Dead picture because I don't remember him in CSI:NY and his character in Hills Have Eyes was just too *shivers* too much for me.
He pointed out how the lighting made the lines of his make up stand out lol, he signed, got a picture, exchanged more pleasantries then moved on. 

Really a nice guy.  Browncoat shirt hee!

Then we moved down the aisle, which I think was the zombie/romero aisle.  Got some Zombie autographs.  They were in Dawn of the Dead, the original, which I haven't seen yet.  Nurse Zombie and Sweater Zombie.  They were really sweet and really funny and Casey and I stood there talking to them for the longest time.

Casey's mom pointed out that he was grabbing my shirt haha

Got another DotD autograph, apparently he (Roger) gets bit and turns in the movie because he had zombified pictures of himself from the movie haha

Then we met the original Michael Myers.  Pretty cool. Trick or Treat!

Funny story, the guy representing ^^that guy totally loved my Browncoat shirt.  He was talking to me while I was getting his autograph and I kind of felt bad that he was taking my attention away from "michael"
We walked away then walked by them again like thirty minutes later.  The rep was like
"Hey browncoat psst come here!"
I went over and we talked for the longest time at how awesome the show and movie were, how fox people are evil and yadda yadda yadda.  Poor Casey, she had know idea what we were talking about haha

So we walk around looking for something/anybody to see/do.  Looked at little posters at one vendor and got 3 Heath Ledger Joker ones.  It was 3 for $25.  Good deal and they said that once they are gone, they are gone.  No more Joker posters, they aren't going to use Heath Ledger's Joker as advertisement they are going to focus on Harvey Dent/Two-face instead which doesn't make sense because it is Joker's movie pretty much.  Blauh w/e.
Any way it was these three

Middle one is my fave.  Now I need to find a place in my room for them. and all my signed ones.

Saturday.  Got there at 11.  Got in line for Romero.  Waited an hour and a half.  Got a picture of DeeWallace Stone from Cujo signed for my mom.  Then we finally got to meet George.  Casey was more excited than me haha.  Bought a mini Land of the Dead poster for him to sign.  Got pictures, Casey had a conversation with him.  

Yes, that's the same shirt as the others, different day.  I only wore it a couple of hours on Friday and decided to wear it all day on Saturday.  It was clean.  I think Malcolm McDowell recognized me in it though haha.  

Since I had a Land of the Dead poster and Robert Joy was right across the aisle I decided to get him to sign it too.  Yes two signatures in two days.  
Robert Joy: I remember you.
Me: :D 
Me tongue-tied: Yeah...um...can you sign this too :D
He did.  Nice guy.

Went to some Panels upstairs.  Climbed up and down stairs all weekend long. Ugh I hate stairs DX.  Sooo sore.  
Went to KNB FX Maestro Greg Nicotero.  He did FX on a lot of movies, Narnia and Serenity are just a couple. 
Casey got his autograph on Sunday 
Me: Did you do the Reavers on Serenity?
Greg: Yeah how did you know?
Me: Was at the panel yesterday.
Casey: Serenity is like her fave movie.
Greg: Oh it was a great time doing that movie.
Me: I bet :D
That all happened Sunday but thought I'd put it there.

Walked around some more. (Lots of walking).  Went to Malcolm McDowell's panel.  He is a really funny, down-to-earth, real guy.  Not shy or ashamed of anything he has done and he told a hilarious story about Peter O'Toole.

Stayed for a couple of movies.  Fingerprints. Which was okay, would have been better if the story was tighter and it didn't drag.  Typical horror movie pretty much.
Then Red Victoria was the next one and it was much much better.  Hilarious and dark.  Kind of the same style as Shaun of the Dead.  Funny at first then slowly gets darker and darker.  It was great.

We were exhausted and sore after Red Victoria and I had a headache so we left and went back to Casey's house and caught the reshow of Torchwood.

Sunday.  Get there a little early, had to wait for 11.  then we went in and it was hardly crowded.  Guess everybody came on Saturday, which makes sense.  Anyway, went to some more panels.  Lifetime Achievement Award for Dee Wallace Stone.  30 Years AFter Dawn of the Dead (which was hilarious), and DFW Horror Writers Association, which I thought was interesting and Casey didn't but I'm trying to write so what they said helped.  

Then we walked around the vendors again, Casey got Elvira's autograph and let me be in the picture.

and then we left.  

Wow it was a long weekend, I got home Sunday and was very exhausted,  had to watch the Oscars (very good), check my mail, and just finish the Oscars which didn't end until 11 *grumbles*
Good news, my mom finished my Jayne hat.  yay!

She doesn't really like it, says it's not perfect.  But to me, I love it and yaylol

It was all worth it.  Very fun, met cool people, got lots of compliments on my Firefly shirts :D.  
Good times good times
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