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Star Wars: Mandalorian: him help


I'm too young for this shit!

I shouldn't even be here! I will probably die on this quest.

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Star Wars: Mandalorian: him help

Our dog Bubba passed away today.  He was about 100 years old in dog years.  He had a good life, loved by everyone who met him.  He always bounced around and was happy when people came over.  My grandpa even liked him and he wasn't really an animal person lol.  He was small enough to crawl in your lap (with or without your permission) and just let you pet his long black hair. Unless mom shaved him and then we just laughed at his toothpick legs.  
We got him when we moved to the new town when I was in second grade.  Longest dog I've ever had. 
I will miss him. 

Good news though.  I got my haircut, like this:  Sadly didn't get it white though.  Would have loved that so much!
and I'm going to Winstar tomorrow with my friend John.  According to him, we won't head back home until we're tired.  Which means that he will spend all his time at the tables playing Texas Hold 'em and I'll be wondering around bored, occasionally playing the slots and trying various alcoholic drinks haha.  Plus I get four days off to recover from it. 

Also, Inglourious Basterds in 6 days.  Which has Michael Fassbender (yay! BoB)  and Ryan from the Office.  Which is like whoa. 
I'm also currently crushing on Eli Roth.  WTH brain?  WTH?
I quite liked the part in the international trailer where the evil 'Jew Hunter' was all "THATSA BINGO!"  Is that how you say? "You just say BINGO."
This movie's gonna rock!

My BFF is having a little boy.  I'm so excited about it.  I've never known anyone close to me to be pregnant that wasn't family. 
I'm going to an 'aunt'  Love it!

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I'm so sorry to hear about Bubba passing :(

Do you have pics of the haircut?? *is excited to see Abby!hair*

Thank you. He will be missed terribly. He was a great dog.

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It's not as kick ass as hers but it's cool lol

and please excuse lack of make-up and glasses (and focus camera phone not so great). Just got back from 5 hours on the road XD

I love it!!! I wish I could pull off something that cute!

:D Thank you!

My haircutter was so excited to do it. Said it was the funnest haircut she'd had in a while lol

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